9:28am 11-11-2020
My sincere sympathy to the Gambella family. I first learned of Vinnie from his son Edward, who I met while attending the University of Miami. I was also sorry to learn of Edwards death in 2003. God bless your family.
1:36pm 11-06-2020
Such an interesting and talented person! I'm grateful to have known him.
7:50am 11-02-2020
Vincent Bell was a Master Musician, and left a lasting body of inventions for us to marvel at. God Rest You.
3:18am 11-02-2020
Wow, what a musical heavyweight champion. Can't thank you too much for the danelectro Sitar!
9:22pm 11-01-2020
I was in total awe of his invention of Bell sitar guitar and the way he created new ornamentation for the sonic world of the guitar. Thanks for doing this Dana.
9:56am 10-04-2020
Friends, Fans and Family of Vinnie Bell,
My name is Dana Countryman, and I am a longtime friend of Vinnie's.
I am also his webmaster, and I set up this guestbook to collect the comments and memories of Vinnie.
Please join in here, and say a few words about Vinnie.
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