5:35pm 11-11-2020
It is hard to believe that a year has gone by already. We met Bonnie and Vinnie at Mt. Carmel Church in Tenafly, and he called us his “Church Family.” We always enjoyed seeing him and often Bonnie) perfectly dressed and driving away in his convertible. He was always so kind to us and our children, and we miss seeing him and Bonnie. He lived a good long, productive life doing what he loved. Not many people can say that. To Bonnie and the rest of the family, thank you for Vinnie.
9:28am 11-11-2020
My sincere sympathy to the Gambella family. I first learned of Vinnie from his son Edward, who I met while attending the University of Miami. I was also sorry to learn of Edwards death in 2003. God bless your family.
1:36pm 11-06-2020
Such an interesting and talented person! I'm grateful to have known him.
7:50am 11-02-2020
Vincent Bell was a Master Musician, and left a lasting body of inventions for us to marvel at. God Rest You.
3:18am 11-02-2020
Wow, what a musical heavyweight champion. Can't thank you too much for the danelectro Sitar!
9:22pm 11-01-2020
I was in total awe of his invention of Bell sitar guitar and the way he created new ornamentation for the sonic world of the guitar. Thanks for doing this Dana.
9:56am 10-04-2020
Friends, Fans and Family of Vinnie Bell,
My name is Dana Countryman, and I am a longtime friend of Vinnie's.
I am also his webmaster, and I set up this guestbook to collect the comments and memories of Vinnie.
Please join in here, and say a few words about Vinnie.
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