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11:00am 03-15-2021
Grandpa, I miss you every day. I always new you were a musical genius, but you were the best grandpa a girl could have. I know your up in heaven with nanny and mommy and that comforts me. I’m sorry I didn’t do this sooner , but I know you know my heart. I love you forever-Krista
10:17pm 03-11-2021
For his creativity and chemistry, for his impetus and invention, for his curiosity and cleverness, for his mastery and motion, for his guitar and sitar, for wah wah and fuzz he will always be loved and missed by music fans and players.
8:49pm 03-01-2021
I never met Vinnie but my friend Kai Winding always said that he was great guy, and you could hear he was a perfectionist every time he played. He will be missed!
1:38pm 02-27-2021
Rest in Peace Vinnie. I used to watch you when you were in the band conducted by Peter Matz at NBC on Avenue M in Brooklyn. Your spirit and innovation inspired me to play the guitar which I do every day-although I still can't do the water sound!
9:36am 02-06-2021
Sorry to of the passing of Vinnie. He was my grandfather nickies nephew . My grandfather use to visit aunt antionnette on van Sicilian in brooklyn where he lived as a boy. He was always so proud of him. Rest in peace.
11:29am 12-27-2020
When I think of Vinnie I smile. He was fun and funny. When I was young and breaking into the “business” he was always so supportive and warm. He had a lot of hardship in his life but he always handled It so bravely and without burdening anyone. He was one of a kind and he is missed. RIP
8:13am 12-18-2020
Joan loan
I knew Vince because he married my lovely sister I law Bonnie They enriched each other lives this beautiful memorial brings to life his career and talent
6:44pm 12-15-2020
I met Vinnie after he married Bonnie. What a sweetheart! He was always so sweet and loving -- like we knew each other for a lifetime. Thank you for the slideshow so I could see and hear what a special guy he was and is! He can't be forgotten and his music and talent still lives. Blessings to Bonnie and his whole family!
1:37am 12-13-2020
Vinnie and I became friends in 2004, when I interviewed him for a book I was writing. I had been a fan of his guitar work since I had been a teenager. During the interview, we just hit it off on the phone right away, and that was part of the magic of Vinnie. He had the special ability to make friends easily, and also to draw you into his circle. Next thing I knew, we were talking on the phone regularly, all the way from Seattle to New Jersey! For my birthday that year, Vinnie and my wife Tricia secretly arranged for me to fly out to meet him and stay with him and his sweet wife Marilyn for a week. Both being musicians, we had a lot to talk about and share. What a great time we had. And during that week, we even got to record together in a local world-class recording studio. Over the years, we became closer friends, and each time we spoke he would never fail to ask about my wife and son. He was a genuine loving, caring guy, and a real sweetheart. I last saw Vinnie at his home in 2016. His health starting to fade a bit, but it was great to visit Vinnie and Bonnie and to have lunch with them. Vinnie was the kind of guy that you rarely meet in life -- the kind of friend that you just "click with, and he was someone with a great sense of humor. I'll always cherish my friendship with Vinnie, and I'll remember him all of my days.
6:04pm 12-12-2020
Vinnie was an amazing talented, creative, accomplished human being. In addition to that, he was one of the
nicest, friendliest, warmest human beings I have ever known. I am missing his huge wave and smile whenever I
drove by his house or saw him in the neighborhood. Seeing him always left me smiling. I feel blessed to have known him. There is a lot to learn from his attitude toward life and toward people. His memory will always be for a blessing.
11:30am 12-10-2020
My Uncle Vinny was an amazing musician and his music was so beautiful. He was so talented. I only wish I had the chance to say goodbye to him and my cousins Edward and Denise and of course my Aunt Marilyn (who was the best cook ever!!) Uncle Vinny, when I get to heaven can I have a big kiss and hug!!
8:01pm 12-04-2020
My family and I met Vinnie over ten years ago. It was impossible not to make an immediate connection with him because he always expressed care and kindness. His love for others and his disposition to help them was clearly expressed when he helped my son with a middle school project about a famous person. Who better than Vinnie? Vinnie took us into his basement and showed my son his instruments, while delivering a wonderful historical sketch that helped the kid get an excellent grade in his paper. We don't see Vinnie any more, but our love for him remains, and we know that his love for all of us endures.
2:30pm 11-30-2020
I met Vinnie through Tony Motolla. We became friends immediately and had many lengthy phone conversations and some visits to his home. Vinnie was loved by everyone who knew him because he loved them. He was a gentleman, a good listener, very positive and had a pure soul. His production in the studios was staggering, and his contribution on many sessions helped put the song in the top ten. He was first call with many contractors and his young sound and creative approach was surely the reason. Thank you Bonnie for the wonderful care and love you added to Vinnie's life. I have a very sweet spot in my memory for both of you. Richard Jansen
9:22am 11-30-2020
Bonnie, It was such a blessing being able to spend time together with you and Vinnie. Going to dinner with you both in Upstate NY and visiting you for the weekend in Tenafly. We both were going though some rough times and then to have them both, (my Mother) and Vinnie to pass on the same day was crazy. There has to be one heck of a band playing in heaven. We'll see you soon Bonnie.
8:34am 11-30-2020
My Wife Connie and I only met Vinnie about 4 years ago but can say it was a true honor. Vinnie gave us the tour of his home and we were in awe of his guitars,his workshop where he built countless instruments and in his basement where he had an enormous about of electronics that I had no idea what they were. For me it was a true honor to be able to meet Vinnie Bell,a true legend and one great man.Thank you Vinnie for sharing with me a small glimpse of your wonderful life.
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