10:42am 10-13-2022
This is a beautiful way to remember and celebrate Vinnie’s life, than you for sharing this ❤️
8:12am 04-06-2022
I first heard of Vinnie in 1966 when I bought a Danelectro Bellzouki with his name on it, but we never really heard much of him the rest of the time, other than for the occasional reference to the Bellzouki and the Electric Sitar. But after all these years (wish I still had that Dano), I'm finally starting to hear some of his great recorded works. If only I'd heard them sooner.. Thanks for everything, Vinnie!
9:33pm 11-01-2021
I apologize for taking soooo looong to contribute to Vinnie's memorial. It is now two years since our dear friend Vinnie has gone to the great recording studio in the sky. We can only imagine who he's recording with now. I was a huge fan of Vinnie's long before I knew who he was! Think of all of those fabulous Four Seasons recordings, TV commercials, TV and movie themes. The great guitar sounds: the "water" sound, the electric sitar sound, and the Bellzouki. Let's not forget that Vinnie was a master inventor in the same caliber as Les Paul, and an innovative master craftsman, hence his contributions to Danelectro/Coral, and D'Angelico. Vinnie loved his guitar, music, and most of all, his family! That was very clear to see. It took about three years for things to come together for Vinnie and I to finally meet face-to-face. When we did, we gave each other a BIG HUG; it was like kindred spirits. Vinnie and Bonnie were a very warm and welcoming couple. I'm still friends with Bonnie. Vinnie is no longer with us physically, but he is with us every time we hear "Green Tambourine," watch a rerun of The Family Guy, see the movie Airport, or hear "Can't Take My Eyes Off You." Thank you Vinnie for all the wonderful musical memories you have given the world!
5:46am 10-10-2021
Still listening to you Vinnie since you amazed me as a kid with your wonderful version of the Airport Love Theme and am still listening ! Nice to hear your work is still out there on some of our local radio stations.
Western Australia
5:38pm 06-26-2021
Great work Vinnie, your music still inspires.
Lovely family photos.
Jamie Harries
Zenith Music
Western Australia
1:29pm 06-21-2021
To the Gambella family my deepest condolences .. Vinnie was my guitar teacher in the early 60's at his home in Edison NJ .. He was tough but always considerate and understanding.. One of the best teachers I ever had!! I still have a souvenir he gave me from a vacation to Mexico he went on with his wife Marilyn and his record the "SoundTronic Guitar of Vincent Bell.. He will truly be missed!!!
10:13pm 04-23-2021
I used to talk online to a relative of Vinnie's. I even bought some old electric sitar parts from him.
He showed Vinnie a news story I had sent. They did the story on me and my instrument of choice, the Coral Electric Sitar. I love the instrument and I love all of Vinnie's contributions to music. I remember that sound from Green Tambourine, but it was decades before I knew what instrument it was and another couple of decades before I finally got one. I also own two Bellzoukis. Vincent Bell was an inspiration to musicians from Jimi Hendrix down to little ol' me. Hits many inventions and innovations will go down in history, just like the many recordings that he played on.

God Bless Vinnie Bell!!!
11:00am 03-15-2021
Grandpa, I miss you every day. I always new you were a musical genius, but you were the best grandpa a girl could have. I know your up in heaven with nanny and mommy and that comforts me. I’m sorry I didn’t do this sooner , but I know you know my heart. I love you forever-Krista
10:17pm 03-11-2021
For his creativity and chemistry, for his impetus and invention, for his curiosity and cleverness, for his mastery and motion, for his guitar and sitar, for wah wah and fuzz he will always be loved and missed by music fans and players.
8:49pm 03-01-2021
I never met Vinnie but my friend Kai Winding always said that he was great guy, and you could hear he was a perfectionist every time he played. He will be missed!
1:38pm 02-27-2021
Rest in Peace Vinnie. I used to watch you when you were in the band conducted by Peter Matz at NBC on Avenue M in Brooklyn. Your spirit and innovation inspired me to play the guitar which I do every day-although I still can't do the water sound!
9:36am 02-06-2021
Sorry to of the passing of Vinnie. He was my grandfather nickies nephew . My grandfather use to visit aunt antionnette on van Sicilian in brooklyn where he lived as a boy. He was always so proud of him. Rest in peace.
11:29am 12-27-2020
When I think of Vinnie I smile. He was fun and funny. When I was young and breaking into the “business” he was always so supportive and warm. He had a lot of hardship in his life but he always handled It so bravely and without burdening anyone. He was one of a kind and he is missed. RIP
8:13am 12-18-2020
Joan loan
I knew Vince because he married my lovely sister I law Bonnie They enriched each other lives this beautiful memorial brings to life his career and talent
6:44pm 12-15-2020
I met Vinnie after he married Bonnie. What a sweetheart! He was always so sweet and loving -- like we knew each other for a lifetime. Thank you for the slideshow so I could see and hear what a special guy he was and is! He can't be forgotten and his music and talent still lives. Blessings to Bonnie and his whole family!
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